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Punishment to Parents of Children Who Offend - Some Observations

The author tries to write on Child Protection Act of 2546 which states that legal guardians can be held liable for wrongful acts or crimes committed by minors under their care. This arises from reasoning that the family unit is the first and most important step in raising children to be productive members of society. If the legal guardians purposefully teaches, instructs, or orders minors to break the law then the legal guardian must be held liable for the wrongful actions of the minor.

However, there are certain cases where guardians should not be held liable for the actions of children under their care. Due to the struggling economy, legal guardians usually have to work and support the family. This may leave them with little time to properly discipline their children. In a scenario such as this, we cannot fault the legal guardian as they must work in order to survive and do not have enough time to properly raise their children.


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