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Thai Law Insights

Internship Program at CSBC Law Offices: An International Outlook in the Age of Globalisation

Jutha Cheewat, 2020 Legal Intern, LLB (Hons), Kent, UK

As an aspiring lawyer of Thai origins, I was enthused by the possibility of gaining first-hand experience in a civil law jurisdiction, despite my common law background. Initially, I was uncertain as to how I would contribute to the firm and assist practitioners, while not having the prerequisite knowledge of Thai law.

Nevertheless, I have learned immensely throughout my internship at CSBC. Firstly, a warm welcome was extended to me by the team and the staff. They have also taught me not only how to apply the law, how to think like an international lawyer but also the importance of team work by maintaining synergy and mutual trust among colleagues.

Moreover, the experience came as a vital reminder to me of what a British author, Susskind once predicted in his book "Tomorrow's Lawyers" where he mentioned that future lawyers should strive to attain new skills, to better serve clients. They should adopt an international mindset and utilise new innovation and technology, to be fully equipped for legal globalisation.

While interning at CSBC, I was able to witness such element in practice, ranging from multi-jurisdictional corporate contracts to international dispute resolutions, including commercial arbitration. The apparent service-minded, professional, but friendly approach adopted at the firm has also allowed me to gain invaluable insights into the inner-workings of a law firm. The experience has unquestionably reinforced my commitment to the legal profession.

Jutha Cheewat
CSBC Internship Review
Jan-Feb 2020