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Internship Program at CSBC Law Offices: A Transformative Internship Experiences

Patrick (James) Luke (2019 Thammasat Legal Intern)

At the outset of my internship at CSBC Law Offices, I was initially unsure of what was to come and what experiences lied ahead for me as I am an American law student at a Thai university, Thammasat University. From day one, it did not take long for me to feel fully integrated into such a professional and dynamic legal team at CSBC Law Offices. The wide range of legal issues and cases that CSBC handles matched with relative legal code and cases that I have learned at Thammasat University, and equally important I was able to learn about and apply knowledge of western legal practices due to CSBC Law Offices' international network.

Not only was the workload consistent with Thai and western legal practices, such as contract review and drafting of legal documents, but I was also able to join CSBC Law Offices with assisting in an arbitration case where I was invited to observe and take notes at the arbitration court here in Bangkok. This type of experience is invaluable for prospective lawyers wanting to get comprehensive experience in different facets of the law and to see in person how legal procedures and case building are interwoven.

Another aspect from interning at CSBC Law Offices was not only the rewarding work, but also the people at CSBC made the whole experience all the better. I looked forward each day to come into the office because I knew that I would have fun interacting with colleagues. Everyone was warm and approachable when I needed to ask a question and were always willing to explain in depth, because each lawyer and partner I worked alongside with genuinely cared to further my understanding of the law. Truly, the office comradery and morale were always good and made for a very enjoyable and gratifying internship.

The positive and rewarding hands-on experience I acquired through my internship at CSBC Law Offices has strongly influenced my understanding of Thai and international law and has made me feel prepared to pursue a career in this fast paced and ever evolving field that is the legal industry, both here in Thailand and abroad.

Patrick (James) Luke
CSBC Internship Review
Sep-Dec 2019